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Business Connectivity

Wireless SpecialWhiz to Coho, Inc. is a full service Internet Service Provider, not only focusing on residential customers but also small and large business customers.  Let our team of experts help you with your needs in Internet Connectivity, co-location or dedicated server implementation, consulting and website hosting/design.

Business technology support is needed to make your business better, faster, more efficient – you need technology to help you drive your business. You have a vision for how your business should run. Now you need it to work. Unfortunately, the world of technology can be a confusing place. Our technology advisors will work with you to understand the paths you followed to get you here, and identify the best trail to follow moving forward and maintaining what you have.

We can help in identifying what you may need and guide on making smart decisions about what and when to get it. Providing technology problem solving solutions along the way, so you can clearly and efficiently run your business. Our professional engineers are experts in bringing light to the darkness.

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Data Center Connectivity

As bandwidth needs grow Whiz to Coho has focused on bringing lower prices to our clients. Having a presence in both The Pittock Exchange and the Fortune Data Center and having Fiber connecting both locations, we have some very competitive pricing.

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FCC Licensed High Speed Internet with speeds up to 1 Gbps

You may ask why a business would want a FCC licensed wireless internet connection. There are several reasons including availability, economics and redundancy. Obviously if there are no other high speed options available  at your business location, wireless can allow you to stay at the same location without having to sacrifice productivity. Licensed links can often provide an extremely stable connection at a much lower monthly cost than fixed Internet.

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Server Co-Location

You may be in the process of designing a dedicated server for your business or for reselling services and are looking for the best place to Co-Locate that server or multiple servers. Whiz to Coho offers co-locations that allow you to set up your server without the need to worry about the intricacies of managing the underlying infrastructure. 

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Dedicated Servers

We have modern Dedicated Servers including the hardware and an un-metered 100 Mbps Internet connection. All included for $700 per month with no commitment term.

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Consulting Services

Whiz to Coho Inc. can support your Technical Support needs in virtually any UNIX operating system including RedHat, Solaris, IBM AIX, Linux, SuSE, Fedora, BSD, OpenServer and more. We have expertise in LAN/WAN Network Management, BGP Provisioning for Multi Carrier Networks, High-Availability Network Design, Cisco, Juniper, HP, Sonicwall Support, Linux Support and Backup Server Deployment.

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Website Design

Whiz to Coho, Inc offers in house web site design for a reasonable price. We understand that different sites have unique needs; Whiz to Coho will work with you to find a design that fits your project and your budget.

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Website Hosting

Develop your online presence. With Web hosting packages from Whiz to Coho you can bring your business storefront online. Whether you are just looking to get your feet wet or are ready to take the plunge into e-commerce, Whiz to Coho has a hosting package that is just right for you.

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